Suvarna Varsha III

Main Features

  • A golden option to acquire guaranteed Hallmarked 916 Gold/Diamond ornaments with very reasonable making charges by paying Rs. 1,000/- (a unit) or its multiples. A member can join any number of Units.
  • The scheme is open from 1st November 2016 to 31st December 2017 and duration of one unit will be for 15 months.
  • The scheme is applicable for purchase of 916 Hallmark Gold/Diamond only. After depositing monthly contribution for 15 months, you can purchase gold ornaments worth Rs. 17,000/- per unit on 16th month from any branch of Southern Star Jewellery.
  • In this scheme, the member will get a benefit of Rs. 2,000/- say as bonus per unit, which is equal to recurring deposit bearing interest @ 20% p.a.

‘Southern Star’ is a people’s venture, a family of more than 30,000 members trusted for last 3 decades. It’s now considered a symbol of Service, Trust and Commitment. Southern Star is already in the service of Finance, Real Estate (Housing), Textiles, Trading, Gold and Diamond Jewellery, Chit, Hotel etc. and would like to add many more. At present, The Southern Star group has 5 jewellery shops in Delhi and growing faster to add new branches in other parts of Delhi and NCR

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